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  • Troy Shu

    Troy Shu


  • James Kirk

    James Kirk

    Machine Learning, Recommendations, and Personalization @ Spotify. Formerly Quantopian, Amazon Robotics. My other blog is an honors student.

  • Rachael Tatman

    Rachael Tatman

    Data Scientist, Linguistics PhD. I ♥️ machine learning, stats, reproducibility, R, Python, NLP and linguistics. @rctatman on Twitter.

  • Max Pechyonkin

    Max Pechyonkin


  • Isaac Faber

    Isaac Faber

    Ph.D. | Chief Data Scientist at The U.S. Army AI Task Force

  • Aerin Kim

    Aerin Kim

    I’m an Engineering Manager at Scale AI and this is my notepad for Applied Math / CS / Deep Learning topics. Follow me on Twitter for more!

  • Robert Chang

    Robert Chang

    Data @Airbnb, previously @Twitter. Opinions are my own.

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